i'm really materialistic

so how. i'm so spoilt since young so how.
my dad bought me every barbie doll i wanted.
never failed.
dad u spoilt me.
but i know u were forced to. because i know how i had cried and stumped foot for it.
i really ashamed of myself.
but now i've changed.
because i am so irritated by my own behavior.
but i still get watever i want, even those that i din plan to own.
thank you so much dad i love you.
though it took so many years for me to be mature.
and i'm sorry i grown up so late.
thank you for providing all those luxuries.
i know there are alot of ppl who have more.
and i won't deny i have red eyes. but i already have more than others.
i can't complain anymore.
i love you dad.
and i love you too mom.
sory for those harsh time i've given you.
but i realized over these years our relationship has improved.
and i hope it won't go backwards.
i will still learn to grow.
with love from you.

i hope you will read this.
because it's impossible for me to tell you face to face.
i am used to being strong in front of u.
that's y i don't tell you alot of stuff.
i dun wan you to worry abt me.
i dun wanna show you my weak side.
i am your daughter, whom you never need to worry about.
except the money spending part la ha wtf.
but i'm really in dilemma.
i have my moment. and for a period of time i really feel lik giving up everyhting.
dat's y u see i'm so fat now, i'm a stress eater.
i duno la.
i feel so fan now bye.


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