Have you ever feel like you have lost the motivation to keep on going?
Like, you don't know what you're living for.
Like, you don't give a damn shit about anything.
you know my mind fluctuates too quickly that sometimes i impress myself. wtf.
i always know i'm a greedy person.
i'm a very materialistic person. I believe in quality and quantity. wtf.
i believe more is better wtf.
When the world is revolving, i find myself slowly losing track of what's happening around. I always have ameter in my heart to measure everything. But now it seems that the measurement is no longer measurable.
I don't know if people believe in horoscope, but i always think that how those paper explained about Libra truly reflects who i am. (e.g beauty wtf, no i'm kidding, KAY)


i am pampered since i was very little.
i got whatever that i wanted. literally. because i have a dad that finds me lovable despite my bad temper and stubbornness. haihz i feel so sorry for my parents to have a kid lik me seriously wtf. but haihz, i'll slowly make up for that ok, i swear.

and now i stated to earn money/working.
then i find that, ops. that lil money jz cannot afford my luxurious lifestyle.
HOW. can die.
so yup, i don't go to high class salon anymore.
i look for the cheapest salon possible. (price cheap only ok)
i no longer use bodyshop'a body shampoo (not until recently, UK sell cheap ma wtf)
i cut down my frequency of pedicure. i no longer buy expensive mascara T___T
i only buy clothes when they were on sale.
............ and i'm so not happy abt that.

and now i feel that i find myself a very stingy husband.
so feel lik crying.
i know i should not ask too much.
but sigh, u know seeing people who got sponsor from bf/their man, i get jealous too ok.
for one chinese new year ppl can jz buy 15 sets of clothes, 15 SETS u know. not pieces. then went for spa/hairdo/mani pedi wat so ever. jz for CNY.
anniversary got gift. CARTIER ring. anniversary only lo. valentine's day got rolex.
college student only lorrr..........

i think i'm gonna get my diamond as our wedding band.
go bali for honeymoon la.
dun wanna get married edi. no mood ar.


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