Been a While

Hey, i know it's been a while.
haven been blogging so long that i seriously need to google search and TRIED to look for my blog.
and then i read through those old entried that i have made.
like omfg damn childish.

i think it's a sign of growing old.
when u look back and found out how childish and bimboo you were.
Forgive my old self pls.
but one part in me that has not been changed and will never be is the materialistic side of mine wtf.

haihz, things have changed in the absence of blogging.
i am now a married woman and a mother to be.
life is happy :)
everyone is pampering me.
have changed job to Rawang.
quite the previous job because of the relocation and of course some dicipline problem i found in office heh.

ok i am actually writing this in the office.
most of the time i would be more occupied on my iphone and oh on the internet.
that's how free i am.
wanted to quite for baby's sake, but come to think of it why quite an easy job with moderate pay?
evil i am.

and money is too important at this stage of my life now.
too many things to afford.
oh well, what the heck.

i should learn to appreciate life and you know to think in a much mature way.

no one would be following this blog for now, hahaha i think that gives me more space in expressing the sentimental and depressed side of mine.

That's all for now.
today is a happy day !

new plan for next year, back packing to NZ with the girls !
i am so expecting !!!

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