Office Hour- Balling boring geddit ? geddit ?

Not sure if I can access to blogspot in the company. So thought of writing here in Microsoft word 1st.
Working is boring.
Especially you’ve got nothing to do, today is already the 4th day, that I’m without a single thing to do.
Damn ! I wonder why did they hire a ppl for this position.
I wan a better job !
No mood to update already.
So my friends are now on their happy journey, I feel so envious :(
Wanna get my arse there also !
And I need to seriously serious to cut down my weight, I’m so damn over weighted.
Cz I’m eating like a pig in the office, what to do, free ma.
Then when it’s lunch time everyone in the office ajak you for lunch and then you cannot resist the food temptation so you eat a lot and eventually you’ll be expanding, horizontally wtf.
Aiyor ~ I get paid for being bored here !
I don’t like the feeling of not contributing at all wei.
Doing simple task lik the secondary school grad could do

ok so i can update this thing here in company.
i didn't even update for sucha long time and now i have the time to do that here
right in the office
becz i'm so effin bored..........................
oh side note, i wanna apply for a credit card :(

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