merrry christmas

merry chirstmas everyone !
wu ! can't believe time flies ! last year i was in penang, still with that slimmer body.
this year, i'm stucked in this not to say big or smal room in rawang, bored to death, hp battery dies... and with that uber overweight body. sigh. how can people change so much you tell me ahhahahahha
this year christmas didn't really give me much special feeling.
it juz made me realized how many friends i've lost contact with.
last years, they would stil text me... awww.... but not anymore :(
yea i agree i'm the one to blame.
you can say that i'm calculative, but when you have friends that always take advantages of you.
that's realy sick.
from there i learn to protect myself :)
or many i'm transforming into an aunty so sacrifices only meant for family but no longer for friends?
heheheh but occasionally helping of coz i would be more than happy to do.
i really hate myself for feeling dissatisfied over so many people !!!!!!!!
omg !!!!
if this situation continue, imma commit suicide wtf.


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