Greetings from UK

hey peps ! greetings from UK yo !!
weather here is so damn cold ! but not cold until can die k wtf
i like this place except that it's full of ciggs smell :< uek
ok so long for now, can't update much as i haven really started exploring around.
jet lag wtf !
slept at 6 am uk time. and then didn't sleep soundly but woke up at 9 am T__T
using hte macbook actually, seriously not user friendly lo k.
i think it tries not to be like windows. that's why it's so hard to use right.
but i like its keypad <3
so addictive i jz feel like typing it forever ~~
ok grocery shopping later !
can't afford to eat outside for every meals
dirt cheap if you don't convert to RM la.
taaa ~~


HEY !!! peeps ~ sorry been MIA for a while.
arh haven really updated since i started working aye ?
omg i jz gotta say i'm in love with this company.
The management is nice, cool, fun.
The colleagues are friendly, humble, i think.
and they are so generous !!!
jz came back from company dinner actually. teehee.
they gave away cash voucher and door gift upon arrival !
then got lucky draw ~ u wouldn't believe what i've got !!!!!!
iiiiiiiIIIPOD !! wtf !
i've nv been so lucky one lo, besides getting william to fall in love with me,
this is the 2d luckiest thing i've encounter wtf hahahahahhaha
and europe is awaiting for me, waving at me !!
OMG i'm so so so excited !!!
anyone in europe let's meet up wtf <3
ok ciao


Been missing for a while :> how art thou ?
i must say working is fun !
people in the office are generally nice :)
boss is damn cool...
met a photographing maniac there ! hoping to learn more things from him !!!
and arr..... u can leave whenever the jobs are done !!! damn cool right ?
aw this job is too cool !!
3 weeks away from europe !
any orders girls ?

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