today i wake up feeling very lonely.
today i think that life is short why be fat.
today i know i have been judging too much.
today i am nothing and useless as i've always been.


i don't know how to give an appropriate tittle.
but today i'm going to talk about girls stuff, camwhore stuff, ineer stuff wtf. so many stuffs.
since the finding of friendster, it has been a heat thing to upload camwhore picture on the internet and so called sharing with friends, actually it's more than the public.
i think girls are scary creature. i seriously think alot of girls are scary tho they appeared to be harmless and sweet and cute and charming u know. but deep down inside, there were so many things running through their heads. u wouldn't know what they are thinking, or what's the intention behind.
this kind of girls appear everywhere, they were so many until ppl like me, with very small/narrow social network got the opportunity to meet with not one, but a few WTF.
i think it's pretty scary when some girls thought they are, really pretty wtf.
and then they think the whole wide world should go like what they wanted to be jz becz they think they are pretty wtf.
ok it's abit vague, lemme explain with examples la, easier to understand...
hmmm, ok like i'm a demanding girlfriend, becz my bf would jz love me and SHOULD buy me everything becz i'm pretty. something lik that la, it might be a shallow example but wat the heck can't think of any better example.
oh i'm quite impressed by those gfs who suck their bfs' money dry and den do not contribute.

i hope i do not sound like a hypocrite, becz i admit that i spend quite alot of my bf's money especially on food hoho. but u see i contribute too.
it's like we 4 times we eat out there, i would pay for 1 of the meal.
and ar i would pay for the meal if it was me who brag him to being me there.
sound not fair right. but considering he gets 2K a month, and i only have........... 500 WTF.
and he never need to save when buying pressie to me, hence no advance planning.
me ? i need to squeez brian juice to think of things the need and want, and SAVE money from long long time ago.
i always start saving since november until his birthday in March wtf.
but it's all worth it la. i like his exciting look everytime he gets the surprise.
so now i hope this doesn't sound like a self-defense

ok now i don't know why i suddenly drag to this gf bf issue WTF !!!!!

my main point was suppose to be girls who like to camwhore with their cleavage or very sexual promt pose.

haih. but it can't be jz the tittle and then the sentence above and make the entire post right.
i think this blog has truly reveal what kind of person i am. never stay focus kind wtf.

i super cannot tahan girl who purposely take pic and show their bras and all.
cleavage still ok, as a C cup ppl i understand that sometimes our good sisters wanna come out and absorb abit vitamin D from the sun. and it's ok to show cleavage, but it's not ok when u purposely take picture of urself with revealing bras. it's intended
it's not sexy at all ok.
it's indeed VERY SLUTTY.

not gonna post up picture here i believe u can easily find it online, on ppl's blog, friendste, facebook profile etc etc (ahemcindyfromMDGahem)
what's ur intention for putting up picture lik that online? showing to the public ?
expect ppl to say wow sexy ? or attract freak like "oh baby u r so hot can i have sex wit u?"
and den u went to ur guy friend and say "yer got ppl wana have sex wit me"
girls like that jz make me wanna slap them and squeeze their boobs until they burst like u know how u squeeze the balloon so hard and they will burst like that.
okie la.
i'm done.
damn free. hope i can get a well pay job asap.

beware, be cautious, be very afraid

the world is so chaotic now. first it's swine flu, which triggered back in Feb but only taken seriously in April.
now everyone's so afraid, wearing mask when they go out, no longer shake hands becz apparently u can get the germs/virus like that. no hugging. no dining in.
i still not sure what H1N1 is about, only know that it's dead causing virus, symptom is high fever and flu ?
so be careful everyone. wash ur hands, hygiene is very important.
(eh i jz noticed blogspot got MS office feature !!! spelling correction) wuuuuuu

ok, mom jz told me a shocking news, a friend of hers jz got robbed.
she was walking by the roadside after she parked her car at some housing area, and then suddenly blacked out. when she woke up she realized that she had been knocked on the head, fainted on the road side. the left/right side of her body was all scratched, bleeding, head bleeding, probably need stitches... eye swollen. this incident happened very very near my house.
terrible !!!! horrible !!!!
remind me of the snatching incident that i've experienced few years back.
nowhere is safe in Malaysia.
so girls, be very careful.
becz those bastards/jerks/asshole whatever bad names on earth would target on female
becz we r PHYSICALLY weak !!!
dun think u're black belt very geng !! jz be very careful !!
avoid walking by roadside, avoid being alone in public.
train ur lungs, becz u need a bigger lung to scream louder i guess.
sigh. wat the hell is wrong with those ppl !!!!!!!!!
i really hope the government could do something.
besides approving so construction projects that cause bad traffic can.

whoever knows how to pray... pray for the world ok.

very emo Belle.

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