getting married !!!!!!!!!!!!!


........ not me.
sigh, so nice one, i know this girl through her ex boyfriend.
which is an extreme jerk (the guy)
and then she met someone new
heard so many things about how she was still not over her ex and so.
but today, oh no mayb yesterday mayb the day before yesterday, she is engaged.
her current proposed to her.
so sweet can.
jealous till my eye balls gonna pop out lik dat.
i have been anticipating for so long but never my turn.
she broke up and then met someone new edi. and now engaged.
so lucky.
i know i would never have such luck in my life.

yer emo for the whole day edi.
duno y oso.
inferior gua.
sigh feeling so somplicated can't even tell how exactly i'm feeling.

anyway, congratulation yo, feel happy for you :)


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